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 LIGNA 2017 at a glance  

Show dates: 22 – 26 May 2017 (Mon.– Fri.)

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Display categories: Tools and Machinery for Custom and Mass Production; Surface Technology; Wood Based Panel Production; Sawmill Technology; Energy from Wood; Machine Components and Automation Technology; Forestry Technology

Focus themes, group pavilions and special presentations

  • LIGNA focus themes: Integrated Manufacturing, Processing of Plastics and Composites, Wood Industry Summit – Access to Resources and Technology (Hall 26/H28), LIGNA training courses
  • Group pavilions: Surface Materials, Wood Industry Summit – Access to Resources and Technology (Hall 26/H28; group pavilion plus company presentations, matchmaking, forums on various topics including "Forest 4.0," "Firefighting," "Infrastructure/Development," and Guided Tours)
  • Forestry Technology and "Energy from Wood" (open-air site, pavilions 32 – 35): Demonstration site (machinery presentation, moderated by KWF), "Forestry Get-together," "Lower Saxony Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Consumer Protection and Regional Development"; Firewood Production Line (incl. Guided Tours); LIGNA/KWF Entrepreneurial Expertise Center (On-Board Computers in Harvesters – Forestry Companies as Part of an Efficient Wood Logistics Chain; Every Second Counts – Forest Rescues; ELDAT – Data Standard for Wood Logistics (ELDATsmart, ELDAT Basic Viewer); NAVKE – Optimized Logistics Chain from Forest to Factory (Forest Navigation, Log Measurement Using Harvester Cranes, RFID Log Identification) incl. technical forums (log measurement, forest first-aid and survival); KWF demo area ("Drones in the forestry industry – a revolution in our woods," aerial forestry services, cable winch inspection) on the open-air site under the EXPO canopy; NRW "Making more out of wood;" 12th Lower Saxony Crane Driving Championships including women’s championship (Thursday, 25 May 2017), Various forums and congresses in the on-site Convention Center (CC)


  • VDMA ligna.tv (Hall 11)
  • International industry associations and organizations (Hall 17)
  • Processing of Plastics and Composites: Stuttgart University information stand (Hall 27)
  • Tools and Machinery for Custom and Mass Production: Guided Tours on "Automation/Integrated Manufacturing," "Workshop of the Future," "Processing of Plastics and Composites"; RFID Factory (group presentation by abaco Informationssysteme GmbH, with live forum in Hall 11); Scientific Research and Education (Hall 11); Carpenter and Joiner Center (Hall 12); Form & Function (Hall 12); Presentation of German Timber Construction Award on 23 May (Wood Industry Summit, Hall 26)


 HOMAG Treff 2017  

The meeting place for woodworking

Date: 2017-9

Venue: Schopfloch, Germany новация:

HOMAG Holzbearbeitungssysteme GmbH    Homagstrasse 3-5, 72296, Schopfloch
Ph. +49-7443-13 79 000






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